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Hey again, everyone! I figure I should say hi every month or so.

I'm a bit over a month into taking medication for anxiety/depression, and I have in fact been feeling MUCH better, with very few (really only one) bad side effect. I don't really have general anxiety anymore, but 'trigger' sort of situations still set me off some - like when I am in a room with a bunch of people I don't know, or sometimes when I have to place my order at a busy fast-food restaurant, and basically other social things. They're not debilitating, but they are still difficult unless I happen to be in one of my old "can-do" moods.

Being on the computer has been making me unhappy for a while now, so I've stopped doing it. I come on maybe once a week or two, just to check my e-mail and clear out messages on here. Just the watch stacks; sorry, guys, it might be a while before I get around to replying to your longer comments.

My birthday is tomorrow. I don't have any real plans yet. I'm starting up full-time at work again - which means I'll be a server again (how's that for social anxiety?) - so uhh, happy birthday to me? Hopefully the residents won't be brats tomorrow, but I think I can handle brushing it off and not taking it personally, at least for a little while. Jesse might visit me during my lunch break, and maybe even bring me a little cake, which will be really nice.

A close friend of mine at work quit and moved away very suddenly a couple weeks ago. She's really flaky and has not made good on any of the four times we have made plans to get together (including one since she moved), so I'm not entirely sure I will ever see her again. She has also been jokingly flirting with me for at least a year now, and to be honest, I eventually kind of fell for her, and I finally admitted it to her the other night...turns out it really WAS just a joke all along, which left me pretty disappointed. ^^; (My boyfriend was okay with all of this, by the way.) The last couple of days have been blah from that. I haven't heard from her since, despite inquiries to how her job search is going.

Another friend of mine that I get along really well with is ALSO moving in the first couple weeks of June. I cried after she told me, but she was telling me about how cool and crafty her roommate is, and how she thinks the two of us would get along, and how their apartment has a pool, and how she'll have a car and will pick me up so I don't have to make a really long public transit trip (like, 3-4 hours), so it doesn't sound... awful... anymore. Despite the fact that she lives 15 minutes away now, we still only see each other once every month or two, so the distance might not make too much of a difference.

Things are getting stricter at work, which is weird to deal with and of course makes me anxious about doing things wrong; and I'm of course also worried about becoming a server.

Jesse and I basically spent the last two and a half days with Will, which, in my mind, was sort of like preparation for if we live together... I don't really know what to make of it. Mostly I got upset that Will was always talking to just Jesse, so I was always off to the side, even at my own house, so I hardly got any attention (except for when I crawled into Jesse's lap and would cuddle with him), and eventually, other things he started doing started getting on my nerves, until the last night, when he became stubborn in such a way that it got on several peoples' nerves. We'll have to talk about this and sort out a resolution... because I wanted to quit the game we were playing and leave the room when that happened.

Speaking of the game, we are doing a Pathfinder campaign. I am a Catfolk rogue - literally a "Catburglar" - named "Naya" (like "nyaa"; get it? :giggle:). I'm 4'6" with white fur and gold eyes, and I have extra-sharp claws that I fight with, as well as a bite attack, which makes me pretty strong for a second-level character, as I am so far the only one with more than one attack (I get three). Three attacks plus sneak attack for each attack = lots of damage when I do it right.

I want to share a short story that will not make sense, but it was really fun last night. We were basically killing off these bad guys in these caves, and we were next to a 70-foot-deep pit, and I saw the glowing eyes of this giant whip-tailed centipede monster, and I impulsively leapt off the edge onto the monster to attack it. I used my acrobatic abilities to avoid the multiple attacks of opportunity it was awarded (I actually lost one, and it hit me and WOULD have done mega damage AND poisoned me, but Jesse's character used her ability to make the monster re-roll its hit, and it missed me), and landed on it biting and clawing. Each attack hit, and each was a sneak attack, as well as flat-footed, for which I do 2 extra damage per attack, AS WELL AS an extra d6 per hit because I'd jumped DOWN onto it. Oh, and my claws are not only sharp (most Catfolk can't fight with their claws), but EXTRA-sharp, meaning that instead of a d6 for sneak attack, I do a d8, so I ended up doing 29 damage (amazing for a level 2 character) and killed it in one hit. As it fell back into the pit, I jumped off it and landed on the wall, because I have awesome climbing abilities (I literally have a climb speed. I can climb up pretty much anything without trouble), and climbed back up like it was no big deal. It was deliciously epic. "A monster! *jumps off cliff, claws/bites monster to death in one round, jumps off onto wall and climbs back up completely unharmed*" I was pretty sure when I did it that I was jumping to my death, ahaha.

My life's still pretty up in the air lately with not much set anymore. :S
Hope you all have been having a good time.

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PeppermentPanda Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
I..I can't recall if I said Happy Birthday to you. D: I was waiting all week to say it, but I either said it or became busy with school that I forgot. OTL

I'M SO SORRY. D: (If I did forget to text/post on fb) I hope it was AH-MAY-ZING!!


You'll get a yummy yum gift from me eventually, when my hiatus is over.

8TeamFriends8 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Hi Cupcake-Kitty-chan , I love to say Happy birthday, and I seen while reading the journal. My heart loves to pray for you, because whatever it is you're going through, I believe you will make it through. :iconloveyouplz: God bless you on your special day. :rose:
cupcakekitten20 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Chibii-chii Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
happy b-day dear ~!<33
hope you have a good one~!<3

Cupcakelover4U Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!

                                      -From your Cupcake allies~!
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